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Café Society Swing at Theatre Royal, Stratford East


"I would also like to take this moment to congratulate and praise Peter Gerald on his fantastic multi-rolling in this show. Portraying a journalist trying to write an expose on the club, a bartender within the club and Josephson himself, his incredible narration skills and comic timing add more depth to this show and present three different attitudes towards the club and its story."  Megan Webb, A Younger Theatre

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Photo: Craig Brough

Apartment 40C, St James Studio


"Peter Gerald (Edward) takes the acting honours" Brian Penn, Everything Theatre


"Peter's performance as the older Edward highlights the desolate sense of loss at the death of their son"  The Stage


"Particularly good is 'Perfect' with the ever-reliable Peter Gerald as the older Edward leading the other two men in a beautifully bitter-sweet refrain..." Musical Theatre Review


"Older Edward, Peter Gerald and Kathryn, Nova Skipp shared some heartbreaking moments as the estranged couple and I was in floods during their shared moments of grief"  West End Wilma


"A ferocious performance from Peter Gerald"

The Public Reviews

"Peter Gerald (Edward) brings some serious 'clout' to the narrative's treatment of a difficult past and present" Beth Loughran Downstage Centre.

"Performances could not be bettered, with Peter Gerald as Edward...on top form" ReviewsGate


"Kathryn and Edward are played by Nova Skipp and Peter Gerald...The two actors give exceptional performances and are quite wonderful" Remote Goat

Picasso is Coming ... Ce Soir, Pentameters Theatre and
St James Studio 


"A fascinating, highly amusing and very moving night's theatre with an absolutely stand-out central performance from Peter Gerald."

Alistair McGowan


"A genuine tour de force which must not go unrecognised, unremembered or unseen."  Remote Goat


"Dressed in a bowler hat and a baggy suit, he reminded me of Charlie Chaplin.  His highly amusing, engaging and often comical performance involved singing, dancing, smoking French cigarettes and pouring wine into jam jars which he offered to audience members."  Sue Rifkin Reviews


"Picasso is Coming...Ce Soir is a one-man show.  Such a feat demands a captivating performance to carry it off.  The challenge is squarely met by Peter Gerald.  'Picasso is Coming...Ce Soir' is funny, intriguing and definitely a bit unusual.  Whatever your predelictions, Peter Gerald is sure to keep you entertained." Entertainment Focus


"Barry Fantoni's new play about "the Prince of Montparnasse" is a tour de force for Peter Gerald. He completely inhabits this fascinating character, who ran away from a cruel father to hone his skills as a painter in the brothels of Romania and then travelled the world." Carolin Kopplin - UK Theatre Network  Photograph (right) by Joel Anderson

The Thing About Men, The Landor Theatre 


"The Thing About Men is a fast-paced and funny comedy.  Peter Gerald is outstanding in the lead - he's warm, witty and wry, creating a memorable character in Tom you really care for. Gerald and Addison spark brilliantly off one another." Entertainment Focus


Peter Gerald is a human dynamo as the successful advertising executive husband, his performance so full of energy that I feared a cardiac arrest at any moment! So is this another smash hit for the Landor?" Bargain Theatre


Carrying the bulk of the show on his shoulders is the consummate musical comedy actor Peter Gerald as the husband. There is some really classy singing - most especially in the wondrous duet, "The Greatest Friend" between Tom and Sebastian. The three actors seem to be completely in tune with each other and the show is slick and fast moving. This is a true feel good production."What's On Stage

Kitty & Damnation (Giant Olive at the Lion & Unicorn Theatre)

"Crilly's colourful poetic prose the quality of Rafe Beckley's fast-paced production and first-rate cast, with Peter Gerald, as the dreadfuls' author an oily delight and Amy Molloy simply terrific."  The Stage


"Peter Gerald gives a stand-out performance as broadside profiteer Ranseck, dapper, vulgar, gimlet-eyed and seductively plausible in his villainy"  London Theatre Blog


"Peter Gerald is delightfully evil as the Dickensian Ranseck - a part he doubles with a political maniac in the first scene." 

Ham & High

Dreamboats and Petticoats


"Peter Gerald has moments of brilliance as the embarrassing dad."  Coventry Telegraph

The Duchess of Padua, Pentameters Theatre

"Peter Gerald's hilarious turn as the Duke of Padua, a pantomime villain who glories in being hated by the ordinary folk and comes over all Marie Antoinette when the people complain that they have to drink stagnant water, exclaiming, 'They should drink wine!' It's just a pity he gets killed off before the interval."  Time Out


"There are some exceptional performances. Peter Gerald plays the wicked Duke with sophistication and supercilious charm in a silky smooth interpretation which matches well with his "let them eat cake" philosophy."  Ham & High


"The Duke, in the expert hands of Peter Gerald is a Napoleonic character, charming when things are going his way, but a ruthless bully who treats his Duchess with the kind of disdain that he also dishes out to the hoi polloi whose cause she embraces. He is a charming villain who would turn on you like a flash with no reason."  Remote Goat

Christmas Carol

" ...It is a tremendous collective effort, but accolades galore to Peter Gerald as Scrooge - a highly watchable, versatile actor who has been doing amazing work this past year...A night of guaranteed enjoyment for all the family." Camden New Journal/ West End Extra


"There is not a single weak link amongst the cast of 21 actors, singers and musicians, who hold the entire piece together with their exuberance, credibility and considerable performance skills - and they are led from the front by a tour de force performance by Peter Gerald as Scrooge.  It is theatre at its simplest.  And it is simply brilliant."  West End/


"Adding to the wonderful ideas born of (Ray) Shell's imagination is the performance of Peter Gerald who has managed to turn this stereotypical misanthrope into a real human being. He plays the role with absolute truth and humour and his reactions to the extraordinary situation he is in are completely believable and very funny... This is bound to be the hit of the Christmas season." 

Ham & High


"Returning to a production first presented two years ago, Giant Olive proves there will always be a keen audience for a winning formula.This time Ebenezer is played by West End regular Peter Gerald, who portrays his Scrooge as more of a reasonable Coalition government member protecting his interests than the outright pantomime villain. His references to self-preservation and providing for the poor merely by paying his taxes are particularly resonant for today's audience, and the messages spelled out to Scrooge about the importance of humanity and compassion couldn't be more appropriate."  The Stage

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